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Diagram Of Obtuse. Obtuse definition, not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull. We present a variational approach to suppressing obtuse triangles in anisotropic meshes.

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Here's a handy little diagram taken from this article on Khan Academy. : It's then natural to see if This now suggests how we can continue these definitions for obtuse angles: we simply move the. From Middle French obtus ("obtuse (geometry); narrow-minded, obtuse; boring, dull, lifeless"), from Latin obtūsus ("blunt, dull; obtuse"), past participle of obtundere, from obtundō ("to batter, beat, strike; to blunt, dull"), from ob- ("prefix meaning against") (see ob-) + tundō. In other words, ER diagrams help to explain the.

Given the following diagram, name an obtuse angle.

If one of the angles in a triangle is obtuse, the triangle is called obtuse.

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Visit BYJU'S to learn more about obtuse triangle definition, basic properties, and formulas with example. How would you calculate the cosine of an obtuse triangle's largest angle? Trigonometric Ratios of an Obtuse Angle Definition: An angle is in standard position if • its first side (initial side) is a ray from the origin along the positive xaxis • its second side (terminal side).

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