4 Way Tele Switch Wiring Diagram

4 Way Tele Switch Wiring Diagram. Guitar Pickup Engineering from IronGear UK. PICKUPS In series without the separate.

telecaster project | :>)azZTechs#
telecaster project | :>)azZTechs# (Cody Turner)
This wiring works great with any vintage-output Tele pickups. Premium components include cloth-covered push-back wire—the. This is another cool wiring scheme that gives you all the traditional sounds plus something extra.

I just took my time, Made sure everything would fit before cutting wires.

This wiring works great with any vintage-output Tele pickups.

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It's also great with our Five-Two® for Tele pickups, which session players like Brent Mason and Dean Parks like. You'll find a list of commonly used circuit diagrams on this page. It fits in the guitar (although the control cavity is BARELY deep enough).

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